Withered Flowers


Yes, those are withered flowers. Two bouquets of flowers I had ever been given to, so, you may figure why I didn’t throw them away. Those two bouquets were from the same person. Not a very romantic person so that I had to ask for them. But, it didn’t mean I was given right away, I waited, some two times in 5 years.

Bouquet on the right was given out of nowhere. I didn’t remember asking for it. It was my birthday. Oh, not really, it was 5 days after my birthday. I was ironing his shirt and he suddenly came through that door and said, “Happy Birthday!” Then his hand came from behind his back, giving me that (used to be) beautiful bouquet. It is still beautiful to me, the moment that bouquet was given is the thing that makes it beautiful. Later, he sat me in front of him, opening a tiny box. Inside was a silver necklace with “A” pendant on it. He put it around my neck and I was overwhelming. Because the necklace was so beautiful and I never expected that kind of gift and that way of him treating me. Wonder why I didn’t put that picture of necklace here? I’ve lost it. Most beautiful thing I ever had, and I’ve lost it. Awesome.

Bouquet on the left was given not out of nowhere. I’d been whining for that bouquet and he granted it. You may figure then it was not that special because I was given what I had asked for. But, no. It was special. He came to my house, bringing me that bouquet, when we were fighting. I still wonder when he bought that bouquet, was it the night before when we weren’t arguing, or was it the morning, when we were arguing. Either way, the fact that he still brought it eventhough we were fighting is what makes it beautiful.

Those are withered flowers. Doesn’t matter cause the beauty is still there.