people don’t change

Waking up this morning with this shitty thoughts in my head. I was wishing to get it over with by last night, apparently I didn’t.

People don’t change. People don’t change. Been thinking that way, and that is what I believe to be the truth. People adapt, yes. We were young and stupid, then growing up, still stupid but less, probably. Because then we know how to think more instead of doing stupid things just for a moment of excitement.

But then I think there are some people who never grow up. Or maybe they do, but later. They think they are young, too young to take responsibility, too young to think about life, too young to take big decisions in life, yet young enough to screw things over, to fuck up their life. They think they still have plenty of years coming, means a lot of time to change, to re-organize their life.

But what if it’s too late already? What if they don’t have time anymore..

I’m afraid it’s you.

You could be so much better at other things, but at some certain things you just don’t get it. And I don’t know, really don’t know how to explain things to you. We’ve been thinking of the big big things. But we do forget that big things are made of small small things. Those small things are gonna be rocks on our way. Make us shaky, wobbly, or whatsoever, slip, and eventually fall. Falling apart.

We both know this is gonna be a hell of difficulties, but at some point we simplified them. Then I realized, things are just not simple at all.

I’m used to be steady. One thing for like forever till it’s cannot be used anymore. You remember my bag? That was funny, “Good to know,” you said, knowing that I’m used to one thing. Unlike you, you are used to alterations, which is normal and fine. But at some points, it’s really difficult for me.

I’m really not used to adapt. It’s affecting one of important things in relationship, if you know what I mean. You were frustrated, really were. A bit yelled at me, “… fucking shit!”. I’m sorry for that, I really am. I’m just, not used to you.

Things are not as simple as they used to be, right? It came along as we’re getting to know each other more and more. It has two sides, I know. In a way it’s very nice to get to know people, in another way, it’s a starting point of troubles.


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