a fool on the junction

all of the sudden, in your perfect perfect life, something, someone just comes and shakes it. at the beginning you may enjoy, go with the flow, happy with all the things that happens. but you can’t live your life that way. life is not only at the beginning. it has what so called the end. and the end is really, not always beautiful, not always good.

at some point, you may be on the junction which is the time for you to make a decision that sometimes, no, most of the times, is just so not easy. you already got into your comfort zone, and you just don’t wanna get out. but, again, you can’t. you have to come back to reality.

there, deep down in your heart, that ‘thing’ owns you. it doesn’t want to go away. or, maybe you’re the one who doesn’t want to let it go. it changes you, makes your life even more colorful and more ‘life’! you feel something you’ve never felt before, you feel something different. so much different till you can’t make anymore difference whether you do have those feelings or you just do want to have those feelings because they’re something which completely new for you.

that ‘thing’, you don’t want to let go, do you? come on, it’s just started to grow, not even blossoming yet. it’s beautiful, full of colors, and shiny. and it also full of surprises. you never ever can take any guess what happen next. and that’s is the unique thing of that ‘thing’. you want to keep it, as long as possible.

so much differences is just so perfect!

and, there you are, standing like a fool on that damn junction. full of doubts and have no damn clue which way is the best for you. or, which way you do want. or, which way does make you happy. or, which way is the safest.

and there that ‘thing’, standing and watching you being a clueless fool.

sometimes, life is unfair. but you have to deal with it. and you do have responsibility of any act you take. you can’t just do whatever you want and go with it. no. in any act you make, there must be person who’s involved. either happy for you, or hurt instead. and ya, you can’t laugh and being happy when somebody might hurt, can you?

and that’s why you should choose.

like a friend told me, any decision you make is not gonna be fair for everybody. somebody will get hurt.

you are again, standing like a fool on that damn junction.


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