Adi Nugraha Setiadi <3

there you are, posing because we were trying the new I-Pad 😀 don’t really like this pic because you knew I was taking picture of you, love your candid pics! and you know, love that new glasses! ❤


hihihi I really love this picture of you, you know, that’s your very natural expression, love it! and, that’s the old glasses, where’s it now?

my beloved sleepyhead-boy :*

hey, boy, how could you sleep with me sitting next to you?

there you were, talking and I took a pic of you :p

we were at Djowitan. haven’t been there for a looooong time since my diet routine hihi. I miss them, milkshake and sweetcorn :9

mas ganteeeeng *.*

again, I took this picture and you didn’t know, see, it came out good lol. hey, boy, I love your nose :p

you know, I wanna take a lot candid pictures of you, but since I’m a very suck photographer, gimme some time to learn.



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