Adi Wulan :)

hey, my dearest blog! long time no see you -your page-, missed you 😉 you know, lots of things happens to me, includes these past four days. I wanna tell you everything but this thing is the one I really wanna share. well, here we go!

I found something that hit me so hard. oh no, no that hard but hard enough for me to realize something. I read a message, it was about a girl who had a crush or still have a crush -I don’t know, I don’t wanna know, anymore- for my man. i was surprised, how could she say such a thing. it said,

“Nd I remembering my past feeling because I read your girl’s blog. but maybe ‘mine’ is bigger than ‘her’.”

HOLY SHIT! I remember every single word of that message bcz that message really made my angry. how come she said something like that, what does she know about me? hah? has ever even seen me?

well, at first I wasn’t that angry bcz I didn’t know what it meant. here’s something that made me really really mad. I asked him, “what does she mean with that msg?” and he answered, easily, “Don’t know.” for 2 seconds my brain was working so hard then I found those issues made sense. well, someone said to me once, “There was a girl who had a crush, really had a cruh to your man. I don’t know why he didn’t wanna make that relationship. I mean, that girl was good enough.” so, after 2 seconds I said, “Is she the girl ***** was talking about?” and again, he answered really easily, “Yes.” SHIT! again.. from that moment on, I kept silent. I was angry, I really was.

what I couldn’t understand was, why should he keep this for so long? why even he should keep it? I mean, if it’s not a big deal, why didn’t he tell me? the thing is that was not the first time we’re talking about that girl. I was hoping he could explain to me right away so that I wouldn’t get it wrong. but.. that’s him, he didn’t say a word.

he knew, his silence wasn’t going to make anything any easier. it was only get worse. for both of us.

it wasn’t get any better, till the next couple hours.


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