that was some kind of stupid questions, really. I knew it was gonna hurt me, doesn’t matter how I was holding on, it was still, hurting me. honestly, I wasn’t mad, I’m not even mad right now, it’s just feeling weird, you know, like sad, like feeling lost something precious, like I’m not gonna be able to hold on.

everybody has their own past. no matter what it was, but it was the past. they said, the past is the past, what the most important is now, and of course, tomorrow. and, what I’m trying to say here is everybody has their past in relationship. it’s some kind of open secret you know, what they did, been doing, and do in their relationship. yeah, that’s my point.

“Just let it go!”. I keep saying that to my self. been trying since last night before I was off to sleep. but this morning when I woke up, I was still there, the picture. that picture in my mind just doesn’t want to go away. it just keeps hanging in front of my face. and even worse, I started to feel nothing.

God, please help me..


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