240 months my life, I pray. never really understand what the meaning of pray itself. my parents taught me, and that’s what I do. simple, isn’t it? some people say, there’s no God. really? so, who created us? who created the universe? they said, universe existed by its own. nobody created us. I just don’t get it, there must be the highest power out there. a lot beyond us, beyond what our brains can think of. I’m sure, really sure that one.

okay. go back to pray.. people pray when they get stuck on problems the can’t solve. people go to mosques, go to church, go to whatever the sacred places when they get disaster in their life. why? I asked my self.

they also get better in pray when they get something they really really want to achieve. why?

why when happiness comes, the forget it all?

when sadness comes -everybody knows- they will go back to where they belong..

they forget about who gives it to them..



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