I’m Sorry

hmm, I had bad days with you the last time you came home. it was my stupidity, I’m so sorry. I knew at the very first time that your last coming wasn’t for fun. I mean, you had something to do. but it was like I forgot it all. all I knew was you were here, then we had to meet, had some fun, and went to somewhere. I cried so bad within two days! but it was stupid then you really didn’t need to put in in your mind 🙂

just like usual, the light comes in the very very last minutes. I realized that it was my fault at the last day you were here. but it was okay, I could handle myself and I was so fine. I didn’t even come to train station. at that time I thought that I already had very enough time with you. and if I went to train station, anyway it would be too much for me. you know, the thing that I’m so afraid of is being judge in bad thought by your parents. I think that’s really pity. I don’t want to have any problem with that stuff. everybody wants to look good, right? that’s what I’ve been trying to do 🙂


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