Sugar, I Miss You.. :)

do you remember at that time? you sitting on library’s chair and looked at me. no, not looked at but peeked on me

do you remember at that time? I was coming to you, you’d been waiting and listening to music at the library, again

do you remember at that time? you walked me downstairs and the librarian teased us

hey, Sugar, it seems that our life had began at the library :’)

do you remember at that time? after exam you texted me and said you wanted to take me home

do you remember at that time? you took me on you motorbike and somehow friends looked at us

do you remember at that time? the day after, they started to asked a lot of questions about us

but, Sugar, you missed 18 months after that…

November 30, 2010

and, the second trial of our life had started at that day

I said to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY

for the first time of my life I remembered your birthday

and I didn’t expect any reply from you

but, Sugar, you replied

we had texting for weeks even it was just 2 messages in one week

it was no problem for me

the thing that made me fly was just because you replied my text

but, after days…

we stopped

stopped texting

I didn’t know why, it was just stop

I didn’t even have a brave to start over

you know, Sugar, at that time, I gave up

I had no braveness even for hoping

we both know how hurt it is when we failed

then, 2 weeks after…

in all of sudden you texted me on my way to Wonosobo

my heart was beating up and up and up

I couldn’t tell

then after few times, I replied

then we were texting

no matter even you replied once per couple hours, I was too happy to give you any protest

then we planned to meet after I came back to Jogja

of course, when you were at Jogja too

CARICA was the reason for us to meet

thanks to you, my Carica


it was such a dark day, about to rain

we made a promise that we would meet at that place

you know what, Sugar, I was dying prepared my self to meet you

I wanted to look nicely when meeting you

and, we met

that was my first time seeing you after 18 months

I was surprised,

you had a lot of changes

you had beard that I had never seen before

but, it was still you

you know, I hadn’t even refalling love with you

but it felt like I need to see you

like I need you

Sugar, then we went to that restaurant

you didn’t talk too much, so did I

we were so clumsy

but I knew, we hadn’t adapted each other yet

then, it was fine

the day went so beautifully

we’re texting more intensive

and you replied once per minutes

I was soooo happy

I hope you were

then, you had to go back to Bandung

at that night, you said you still like me

I was flying

thanks God, God sent me back

and, weeks after..

we planned to meet again

at that time, Sunday Morning was the best choice

you held my hand

for the very first time of our life

my heart was beating faster, faster, and faster

I stood stiff

didn’t know what to do

and just walked behind you

I didn’t even look at you

I was so blushing

that day, January 17, 2010

do you remember, Sugar?


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