I think, this one is one of the most important thing in my life. how can we live without trust from anybody else? simple case, one of my friend told me about her secret problem and made me promised her to not telling the story to anyone else. how could she did that if she didn’t trust me, right? me too, I will share my problem even it’s a secret to somebody I trust because we know, if someday, even we’re (me and my friend) get into fight, we’re not going to slip all the secrets away  that we’ve been keeping for lots of times.

do anyone of you have any idea how hurt is it when your very close friend threaten you to slip all your secrets to somebody else? okay, the worse is, your brother, really your brother, threatened you to throw all your secrets away to your parents? I don’t think it’s gonna be any worse. this is the worst. I just wonder, HOW’S THE BRAIN IN HIS HEAD WORKS? or WHAT’S HIS HEART LOOKS LIKE? I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand how could he said such a thing to me, or even thought about it!

somebody said to me, ONCE YOU MAKE A HOLE, IT WON’T TURNING BACK. I think it’s damn true. once people you trusted become untrusted, it will be so hard to trust them again.

I hope, it’s gonna be better soon..


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