cheer up, babe \m/

cheeeeer uuuuuuuppp!

that’s all I can only say, to myself. I was really on the very deep down on myself last night. such kind of depressed or whatsoever, I don’t know. I forgot all of my papers and presentation, I forgot to study for the pretest, and at the moment I woke up this morning, I just wanted to cry. it was like my head and my heart just full of stuff 😦 I yelled at my boyfriend then cried badly. and you know what, half an hour after I really got mad, my period came. then I said to myself, ooh that’s why..

but you know, I love what I’m doing now sooo muuuch! and I won’t let it go, really. then I’ve got to always cheer myself up and manage my time much much better. I can do it. I must be can 🙂


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