please come home, it’s getting harder :'(

Sugar, it’s getting harder for me.. I don’t know if you feel also the same. I’m too busy of my activities so our time is just be less. you know I miss you, you know I always do.. I feel bad lately. you miss me and I don’t have enough time to make you happy. I get mad because you’re getting hard to understand.

you sleep late, and wake up also late. at 9 in the morning, you still in your dream, and I already got to campus. all day long, I will be busy with the job. I just can’t always text you. when I get a chance to call, you maybe unhappy because I’m outdoor, and it’s just noisy. so, I hang up the phone, and text you again. I get home at 9 pm, and I’m so tired and sleepy. then I don’t have enough time with you, again. I sleep, and you awake till late. then I wake up in the morning, you haven’t. then I get to campus, and that’s the circumstance.

you know, Sugar.. every time I wake up, I feel bad. I feel like ignoring you 😥 you know I don’t 😥 I miss you so bad, please just come back home. I’m crying now, badly. I have to go to campus again, and I’m afraid we will be in fight. please, come back..


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