Religion –> Ability (?)

hello blooooog :* miss you! hey, I wanna tell you something. it’s about my pretty friend from South Korea. she’s Hong Mieun πŸ™‚ she’s just a very niceeeeeeeeee girl ><

I write this blog with the permission of her πŸ™‚

anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot for that, the title. no, not how to find the title, but the meaning of it. so, few days ago, I was talking with her, and she said that thing. I just like realized something when I heard that, it has a right side, I think. she told me how surprised she was when she came in Indonesia for the first time. she had to fill some forms and each from has a lot of questions that aren’t exist in her country, include religion and status. married or unmarried.

firstly, she asked me about my veil. it might be like, “Can you take off your scarf if you want to?“, I answered, “No.” i told her about what Muslim’s girls have to do when they get their aqil baligh”. yea, wearing a veil. she also asked about in Indonesia, people have to have a religion. and I said, “Yes.” then I asked to her, “What about you? What’s your religion?” and what she would say to me was quite surprising for me. she answered, “No, I don’t have.”, then I continued, “Do you believe in God?”, and again, what she would say was surprising me, much more. “No, I don’t.” to be honest, I was quite surprised πŸ™‚ then I asked her about to whom she’s gonna ask for something, I mean like a pray. who she prays to? then she said to me,

“I think, having a religion is an ability, and I don’t have that ability.”

that made me thought deeper, I really did. because it was my first time meeting someone like her. nobody’s in Indonesia doesn’t have a religion. they must be have it, at least just written on the ID card.

then she asked me again, and for that time, I hardly couldn’t answer. here her question,

“I heard that in Indonesia, people who don’t have a religion are the same with animal.”

what?! what should I do to answer this question?Β  I can’t answer. it’s kind of hard question πŸ˜₯, i said to my self. yea, I couldn’t answer her question right away, and what thing that came out of my mouth was, “Some people say so, and some people don’t.” because I really didn’t know what to say 😦 and the thing was, I don’t want her to think that way. I mean, religion is a human right. and believe in God, for me, is also human right. nothing wrong with her if she doesn’t believe. and I have no reason to not respect her. we must respect everybody in the same and different culture, right? πŸ™‚

i just hope she doesn’t meet a very conservative person here that cannot respect her like the way it should. amin.



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