I don’t Give a Damn

hello my blooooog! :* I wanna tell you about my BIG decision -well, not that big, but big enough :p- okay, since the very first time I got to my campus, it was about 1 year ago, I stopped using make up. no, it’s not that stupid make up, it’s just an very ordinary make up. I also stopped to mix and match my clothes, instead those are the things I’d very love to do. you know why? because I saw nobody’s there using make up and mix-matched clothes. and, yeah, I just following their way in dressed. since I didn’t use  skirt, so I used jeans. and for the top, just T-Shirt and veil. can you imagine? super duper ordinary, or even like I didn’t have the taste of fashion 😐

this is just for your information, the girls (and boys) at my faculty seem to not interesting in any way of fashion.

but then, this year at Lebaran, I felt like got an inspiration. I love fashion since I was a kid, I was just tried to kill it since I’ve got no friends in the same hobby. and, the inspiration came, I came back to the old me. I bought new clothes, new veils, new wadges, new purse, and new shoes. and I tried to find some tutorials to use fashionable veil, and yeah! I made it x) then, the first day I went to campus, I used my mix-matched clothes, and my new veil. I felt like an alien at the first time, but yea I took it easy. fyi, I didn’t use my wadges, I still didn’t want to use it, just flat shoes. but it didn’t make any furor 😀

aaaaaand, the day came, at Friday this week. I didn’t have any plan to go to campus, so I used my batik dress, my purple veil, and my wadges. but then, because one two things, I had to go to my campus. that was my day off, but just my class, so a lot of students were there. I walked with my senior, Risti. she’s from FBS. and she was just using the similar style with me. and, yeah, everybody was just starting to look at us. and, whispering. okay, to be honest, I hate that last thing, whispering. just talk to me if you want to say something, guys. don’t talk on my back. I said to my self. I said to Mbak Risti, “That’s why I don’t wanna dressed myself up at campus.” and she said, “Don’t give a damn.” well, it was true. so what if I use my wadges? okay, I do look different. I look higher and, umm, because of my dress, Mbak Risti said I looked like a princess. fyi, it was just because the dress lol. but yeah, I shouldn’t give a damn. I don’t break the rules by using the wadges anyway 🙂

and today, I used my wadges, again. yeah, they looked at me. just the look like they did before. but yeah,

i don’t give a damn, this is my life, my own life 😀


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