Life is Short

“Life is short, don’t make it shorter.”

somebody told me that words. she’s Eva. Eva Luz Rosales. she’s a friend of mine from Peru, South America. it was when we’re lost searching for Kalimilk address. I said sorry to her cause I couldn’t remember the way, then she answered, “it’s okay, it’s okay.” I said that she always saying “no problem”, “it’s okay” and so whenever people say “sorry” to her. she she said, like the bold sentence above, that life is short, don’t make it shorter by thinking a lot of thing that maybe you can just let it go.

I told her about my wish for going abroad. I told her that I wanna be different. just like her, here she’s so different. white skin, green eyes, brown hair, and so. I wanna know how it feels to be different. then, she told me about how much she always thinking about people’s thoughts about her when she was younger, about her differences. about them who made fun on her. I just didn’t get it. ya, it’s true that she’s small. but so what? it’s true that she’s from south of America then she has an accent. for me, it’s beautiful, but then, her friends still made fun on her. what’s so wrong about being different?

I keep thinking of why God created us in differences if it’s not for our goodness? God always has a purpose. and I keep thinking that difference is beautiful, that makes us rich of ethnics, languages, culture, life styles, and so many more. from the difference we can learn soooo much things. from the difference we can learn tolerance, and from the difference we can share.

ya, I don’t know how to start, but I’ll start from myself to appreciate the difference. no matter how it takes and just thank God for created us in difference 🙂


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