I Love My TelkomFlash

well, this is such a stupid story lol. I bought a new operator for browsing. I bought this one, TelkomFlash cause everybody’s using it #notreallyactually and it gives such a high speed facility. then, last night I put it on the modem and started to use it. and you know what, it’s speed just 2,o8 Kbps, oh man I was soooooo upset. I was trying to keep using it tough I’m cursing, a lot of ‘damn’ came out from my lips. I was so so so so mad. I wanted to look for my subject but with a speed like that, how could I finished my job :@ and, it was at late night, no way I could go to internet cafe, couldn’t I? I gave up, I slept while cursing and crying, such a desperate cry.

but now, Alhamdulillaah, it runs faster. so much faster. it runs 165 Kbps. LOVE IT!!


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