I said before on facebook’s status about we have no reason for not saying “alhamdulillah”. when I’m alone, I always thinking of a lot of things. small things, like I’ve just said on the status. I wanna share what I’ve been doing these days. here’s the story begins.. whenever I saw Indonesian with foreigners, I always thinking, “What are they doing so then they have a very good chance like that, dealing with foreigners.” I think not everybody has that chance. I mean, it’s a very very very good experience, who knows that maybe in the future we will go abroad for job or even just for vacation. if it the case, experienced in dealing with foreigners would be important, right? 🙂 here, in UNY, I’ve got it all. what can I say except “Alhamdulillah”? I really love to be a part of Tutorial. here I learn soooooo many things, I learn about being open minded, because they’re not in the same culture with me, so I have to open my mind as wide as possible to see the good things in the differences. I learn about tolerance, I learn about being different, I learn about being punctual (it’s a very important thing that Indonesian must change), and so. I’m so lucky. ya, I’m so lucky 😀 I repeat, whats the reason for me for not saying “Alhamdulillah”? I don’t mean to be arrogant or whatever it called, but I just wanna share, share about all the things I got, all the things that crossed on my mind, and so. that’s why blog is created, right? 🙂


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