The Lazy Song :3

now playing this song and makes me really feel fun 😀 i bet it would be really fun if we can just drop everything in our life and don’t give any shit to them. but then i think, what life would be if people all being not responsible for everything? what my life would be? ive just be told my lecturer about future. work, life, and so. and suddenly my first day of college wasn’t cool anymore 😦

what would i be in the future? a lecturer? okay, that’s what i want to be. and how to get there? i said to myself, it’s just all about marks, scores, and your assignments. and how to make a good marks, scores, and assignments? i said to myself, do it best. and how to do it best? i said to myself, DON’T BE LAZY.

i think everybody knows it. they know but just don’t wanna do it. because it’s hard to do, i admit it. because i am one of them. i’m lazy. what worse is, and i know exactly how to make myself diligent but i don’t wanna do it cause it’s hard. a wise man said, “sometimes a chance doesn’t like a chance because it’s more like a burden.” i thought it was damn right at the first time i heard it. and when i realized it, ive lost so many chance. just like right now.

im a committee of an event. a big event. it’s an orientation for the new students of college. i was very happy to hear that i was selected to be one of the committees, a part of the event. but then, the incident came, i didn’t like the chief. i didn’t like the way he settled us. and it started. i started to make it number-two. i found out myself lost my commitment. poor. and i promised myself not to join such that event next time anymore. that’s not the place where i belong. am i wrong? a part of myself said im wrong. you’ve selected, by your own willing to be one of the committees, how come you just walked out? pus, you’re a major of your division. yea, now i can say maybe im totally wrong. i thought it would be fun, i thought i knew the chief. and taraaa, the chief was changed. i tka off my word, maybe im not totally wrong, it’s not my fault if i don’t like him. i don’t like the way he settles us, okay, i said it again. thanks God, the event will be started at September 16-18, this week. after that, i can totally rest. and say goodbye to any committee 🙂 yea, i take it as a burden. and what i’ve been trying to say is, that burden is maybe a chance. if so, the i lost my chance.

don’t i try to make it any better? nope. im done with this. i realized myself isn’t good enough to be such a committee. no, i don’t descent. people do best at their favorite things, don’t they? 🙂

i’ve been trying to repair myself lately. all the things of myself. don’t waste my time, do my best, and make myself useful lol. wish me luck 😉


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