First Day Go to College After a Long Long Holiday

hello blooog, miss me? 😀 okay, id had my 2 months off of college stuff. and this morning, i woke up soo early to get ready to go to campus. well, id decided to go to college -not just college, to everywhere- by feet. no more car, no more motorcycle. yes, im getting fatter >.< holiday’s really make me puffed up. and i really wish my decision will just make any result.

hmm, nothing special in this class, no, im not lectured right now, im breaking. i meant, the class i had at 9. it was just introducing some new materials, new lecturers, and so. i met all of my friends, umm, not really, Arif, he’s still at Jakarta. he’s coming back tomorrow. i wished i could see him today 😦

yea, i forgot something. now, i have juniors, means im getting older >.< no one wants to be old lol. i wanna stay cute (iyuuhh) as a junior 😀 but here i am, a second year college student. hey my bog, you really missed so much things about me 😦 my fault, i was too busy to enjoy my holiday, my big family times, and dating him. but it’s fine, im coming back 🙂

anyway, he went back to bandung last Thursday, and you know what? it’s damn hard to wake up without him 😦 i miss him hiks. half months, we spent the time together, and now i have to go alone everywhere, till he comes back. but it’s all fine, i’ll just forget it because this month and next months i’ll busy to work and college 😀 i haven’t tell you yet, have i? im a tutor for new foreigner students now. it’s really make me happy 😀 i love speaking english :3 i know i know, i still have to learn a lot 🙂

hmm, i guess i gotta go. the plug here is just suck, i gotta move. my battery’s empty >< byeeee 😀


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