Bad Week..

no one can live alone..

i always believe that quote, and it’s just so true. you can’t live without others, right? but now i feel like i want my freedom back. no, i don’t want to be ignored by them, people around me. i just hope they’ll know what i’m doing and give some trust. daddy just knows that i always come home late, no matter how much i tell him, “I had exercises.”, he just blame me when he gets mad. i don’t blame him being like this, that’s a normal act, knowing his daughter comes so late, it’s just another worried expression. but, i just want to be understood. i’m not playing around, i’m exercising. this activity support my research in college, oh pleaseeeeeee :'((

and him. whenever i came home late, i always so tired. physically. and i just wanted him to comfort me. forgetting that i’m tired. but, what i got? he got mad at me and starting to be quiet at the phone. he knew i hate him when he’s doing that. i wanted to hang up but i needed him. oh gosh 😥

i know, i realize, i see, i’m so beginner at this thing. caving. and i know he just worries about me. but it’s just killing me when he starts to ignore me when i’m doing the exercise 😦 i wanna be supported..


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