First Time..

i’m sitting at the MICROTECHNOLOGY’s seat, seeing my sample of research of fungi. hmm, they’re growing, nice 😀 then, since i have nothing to do, i opened my laptop and surfing. and here i’m now, writing at wordpress..

all of sudden, i remember him, first time we met, the very first time. he was there, at the library. sitting and talking. and looking at me. i was just smiling, no words, just a smile.

the night came, he sent me a text. i replied. he sent me a text, again. i replied. then, we’re texting.

after days,

the morning came, i went to school. i got my lessons.

then the bell rang.

he sent me a text. asking to take me home.

i replied. “yes..”.

and we went home, together :’)

it worked for months, but

no stories between us after it.

till, 21 months later..

we met again, in December 2010.

the story has begun, and it works till now :’))

hope it works till forever..


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