Apologizing and Forgiving

i’ve been in this sickness for months, and it feels like hell. but you know how amazing the feeling of apologizing and forgiving? it’s hard, i don’t deny it. people seem so hard to say ‘Sorry for..’, and reply with ‘It’s fine.”. the prestige stuff is just so often blocking the way.

well, i’m talking about my self. i’ve just made up the messy things between us. me and her. and it felt damn good, thanks God :’) when we don’t know some things and thinking we know it very well, it will turns out into trouble. we start to blame each other, make some bad words, and thinking that he/she is the bad one. and it’s just not good. especially, for me who had unstable emotion. it makes me blind and just keep blaming others.

i don’t have that kind of big-hearted person, and i’m not really easy to say “Sorry..”, but i did it anyway. i didn’t expect a good welcome at the first time, but hey, i had it. she had no bad feelings for me *as far as i know :p* and it made me relieved 🙂

here, Alva Putri Deswandari 🙂

and thanks to her, Alva Putri Deswandari, who made things easier. thanks for forgiving me, all of my stupid stuff, thanks for showing friendly face, thanks for calling me honey, thanks :’)


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