A week, last forever.. – KDKL HIKESPI 2011

First time I stepped my feet at Jomblang Resort I felt like an alien. I didn’t recognize everybody there while they’re so busy talking each others. I arranged matters with Mas Balung, okay that was the first name I heard, and listening what were they talking about. Ooh, they’re about to introduce themselves to each other and promoted their hometown. Well, I was late so I was just watching them all and listening.

It was 8 am and I found out that it was the time for breakfast. They’re starting to spread out, taking their plates and had breakfast. And, ta daaah, they’re also starting to ask my name, wow, nice welcome 😀 they looked so friendly and, umm, kind a hard to explain this, it was like they had to know each other’s name, and it was kind a weird to me. In my world, well, my college, we just who-the-hell-are-you-asking-my-name. kind a like that. So, I felt like welcomed, and I was happy :’)

Hmm, then I took, okay he took my bags into the tent, and we got back to joglo. I had breakfast. He had talking with my senior and people around there. Well, it was my first time joining some activities with them, the MAPALA. And I was a bit shocked 😀 When I looked around, I just saw the boys. Where were the girls? And I found out that from 72 participants, there were only 15 girls, come on, you’ve got to be kidding me -___-“

I saw the boys everywhere, every corner I saw, it was always boys walking around. I was afraid at that time, they looked sooo, umm, spooky and wild. Long hair, tattoos in their hands, legs, arms, they were so black and mostly big. And they looked old. And they spoke loudly. Hey, we were in the close location, you didn’t need to scream to call out, I thought.

Then I realized later, that they just used to speak loud, anticipating if they’re in the jungle, or cave, or mountain, to call each other. Nice 🙂  it was the new world for me, so I just surprised. They dressed hmm, untidy at all. They used bracelets, no, not that bracelets, it made from some kind of rope. And necklace, the same matter.

But, they were the most caring person I’ve ever known after all. Nature educated them to be like that.

When Mas Yudha asked me my name, in front of all the participants, i answered my name, my real name. then he asked me to change my name, the called it “Nama Lapangan.” hey, come on, why should i change my name? then i realized, they were all had the weird names 😀 examples, Balung, Japrak, Jarwok, Pitik, Patrick, Tombro, Lodeh, U-Jay, and soo oon instead their real names lol. but still, i didn’t want any change on my name :p

for your information, Mas Yudha kept on his word to change my name, my nick name. he didn’t want to call me ‘Wulan’, instead of Sri, Yanti, or even Siti -___-” he called me Siti by the way, even i didn’t want to. later, i knew that girl named Wulandari was passed away at Grubug Cave. and some instructors hmm, saw her, i mean her spirit. so, they might be just anticipating.

another thing was, glass. yea, a glass. they used one glass for all. hmm, kind a why-they-had-no-glass-for-themselves? i found out later that it was some kind of togetherness :’)

overall, i felt like touched down by them.

and i don’t mind if someday i have a chance to be with them, one more time..


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