Long Distance Sickness

well, not everyone has this experience in relationship. it feels damn hard sometimes, but it feels good in another time also. trust me, i feel the pain 😦 i wanna tell you the hard parts, but don’t ever think it’s all bad in long distance relationship, i’m just, umm, i’m feeling not so well tonight because of this, so here i am, typing the hard parts of LDR..

what makes me decided to have LDR? well, i’m 17 year-old girl at that time and knew nothing about long distance relatiooship. i thought it would be really fun and easy. it did, at the first time. then, when the fights attack, when the miss attacks, when the loneliness attacks, when the bad time in my daily life attacks, when the need attacks, when and when and another when attacks… it feels so hard to see the brighter side of LDR. everything just blow up into the darkness. and you know, my unstable emotion make it worse 😦

and right know, i’m feeling the pain. i miss him, i got my phone and calling. i got my phone and texting. but it wasn’t healing. okay, it was when i was in the phone, talking to him. but after i hung up the phone? i miss him again 😦 when things turn out to be bad, one thing id really love to do is just jumping to your chest. it’s all what i need. but, what can we do when we’re separated?

it’s your hand calm me down, it’s your chest where i would very very love to jump. it’s you make all the things easier..

i miss you 😥


6 thoughts on “Long Distance Sickness

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