Keeping Friends Close..

everyone has friends, no matter how close 🙂

some people do really well in making friends, they’re friendly, easy to talk, they be the first who give their hands for shaking, they be the first to say their names. but how about keeping friends close? okay, they have their best time in togetherness. maybe for months, for years, or forever.

but, is there anything called ex-friend?

well, some people say it exists. when they have fights, mostly about boys (-___-“), they don’t wanna make any friends anymore.

and hey, remember, nothing last forever, eh?

i think it works for friends too. we’re not gonna be together all the time. example, we were in high school, we’re making friends, we had besties, we always hung out together, we’re gossiping, we’re talking, we’re sharing, we’re fighting but cool on the next day, and so on. but we’re not gonna be a high school student forever. we had to move on, we moved to college. we had to have a new life.

and here we go, the new life. when we get our life in college, we’re busy to study, to do tasks from lecturers, we’re busy in organizations, and the most important is, we meet new people which means new friends. is that not make any sense?

in the condition like that, how can we contact our high school friends to hang out everyday? okay, not everyday, maybe just for weekend. for college student, weekend is just very important day to do some organizations’ job. tell me if i’m wrong.

it’s my problem, okay, i admit it. my bad 😦 i’m the one who cannot keep them close. feels like i lost them all. lost in everything, every single thing. lost in contact, lost even in online world, and the worst, lost topic to talk when we met. it’s pathetic. i mean it..

but we did had really very best times together. i hope we still have :’)


2 thoughts on “Keeping Friends Close..

  1. make contact with them in the free time, it’s really help me keep in touch with my besties,, if they are really my friend, no matter what, they will come whenever I need them..

  2. i wish i could, cause they already had their own world, so do i. it’s just so hard to gather us. but you’re right, they will come whenever i need them, if they’re really my friend 🙂 thanks anyway 🙂

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