TELADAN, my lovely high school :’)

i took my sister on her high school this morning, Teladan Yogyakarta. it used to be my school 🙂 i stopped in front of the gate after greeting the security, he’s still remember me 😀 nothing was so special when i got there, until i saw few girl students walking to the school from their kost. hmm, it used to be my friends’ kost and i went there sooo often.

they’re walking happily, talking, laughing, and a bit rashly cz it was about 2 minutes before the bell haha. suddenly i remember that i used to be them :’) wearing ‘putih-abuabu’, walking with my friends, joking, all the absents (lol), greeting the securities, greeting the teachers, walking to canteen, walking to LAPVOL and LAPBAS, going to toilets, couldn’t understand all the physics’ teachers, sleeping at class, lobby, meetings, corridor, PAK SINGGIH, and soo on. suddenly i missed them all.

they said the very unforgettable moment happened when we’re in high school. seemed like it was the transfer-time from teens to be an adults. and i find out it’s right 🙂 you’ll find the really who you are when you’re in high school. and guess what, it was maybe the first time for thousand person having their first love. it’s sweet. trust mme, i felt it :p


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