hello there! 🙂 here the pics of my instructors when i was at Jomblang.. BIG thanks to them, and to them who can’t be displayed of course.

Mas Gimbal

first instructor i’ve known. first instructor who introduced me the SRT’s tools. first instructor who taught me how to make movement on SRT. first instructor who gave me courage to scroll down into Jomblang. thanks for watching me when i got down, even i asked you to lol. thanks to you..

Mas Japrak

hey, thanks for helping me to scroll down 😀 he was always there at midnight to teach us who still couldn’t be able to do SRT. sometimes he got mad at me cause i often got trouble up there lol

Mas Napi'

kind of kind-hearted instructor 😀 he was always there for jogging time. thanks for keep supporting us..

Mas Yudha

well, first instructor who were sooo eye-catching cause his blonde hair 😀 the first one who told me about WULANDARI’s story and called me ‘siti’ for the next couple days -___-” thanks for waking us up in the very morning day by drawing our sleeping bag out .__.

Mas Jarwo

thanks mas jarwo for keeping eyes on me at Grubug, thanks for got mad at me at Luweng Ceblok when i didn’t know my teammate’s name, so i know Afis better 🙂


so sorry i don’t have your pic here 😦 but thanks for all the advices you’d given to me, i almost gave up at that time (well, i almost gave up so many times), BIG THANKS FOR YOU..

Mas Sipit

there you were :’) BIG BIG BIG THANKS FOR YOU for what you did in Gunung Bolong. thanks for not blaming me when i cried, thanks. nothing to say more :’) i would never made it without you.. thanks. thanks for not pushing me to go down, thanks for making me looked down into the hole and saying i will be all fine.

and thanks for teaching me how to roll the rope 😀


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