Home Sweet Home

here i’m gonna tell you 🙂

nothing more comfortable place but home, our own home..

and this is where i spent my childhood time..


this door always open for them who have good conviction to visit us, visit me. this is where we, the home member, greet all the guests. smile at them. and let them go in.


when guests don’t wanna go in, it’s also be our pleasure to let them sit here. the gerabah chair..


this sofa has a thousand stories. hundred people had a sit here. family, friends, colleagues, lover, strangers, and of course, the home member. i wished sofa could tell..


and this chairs, where mommy always sit to read the newspaper, filling the TTS, doing her papers, and lots more. this chairs, where daddy always sit to talk to us -the home member- about stupid things till the more serious one. this room, where we always spend the night watching movies, or just sitting around, eating some tick-tack..


hey, it’s our very first computer lol daddy brought it for us years ago. thanks for teaching us how to use you, how to operate you. you still there, eh? but dead 😦 people seem to be ignored you now.. poor you..



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