who am I?

i used to write such a thing when i was in high school. that was a-must-do when we want to be a member of a organization. i forgot what i wrote there, it might be just a lie from a 15 year-old girl 😀 then, i’ve just read a blog from Mrs. Indrawanto. she said a lot about happiness. she asked a very simple question, “What is happiness?”, and hey it has a very long answer 🙂 even the scientists or people who expert in their field haven’t got any idea of what happiness is.

then, i ended up in her question, “Siapa engkau dalam dirimu?  Dari mana engkau  datang? Ke mana engkau akan pergi?  Apa tujuanmu  datang sebentar di dunia ini? Apa saja yang  bisa membangkitkan kebahagiaan sejati  dan kesengsaraan dirimu?”. i fetched up for seconds reading it. i really didn’t know the answer. well, yeah i know, my name is Sri Wijayanti Wulandari. people call me Wulan. i’m from Yogyakarta. i still can’t answer the last two questions anyway even i’m doing something haphazardly in answering those question  😐 but it isn’t answered that way. it’s more, much more than my stupid answers.

i think the condition where i couldn’t handle my anger or emotion is because i can’t find the answers for questions above. i still couldn’t find the answer of “Who am I?” question. hmm, i’m still 19 years old, and i pray for a great long life to do something good for my self, family, him, friends, and people around me. firstly, i have to figure it out, the “Who am I?” question. amin 🙂


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