my first experience of caving <3 — part 2

hello! umm, my journey of caving at Jomblang hadn’t end yet :p i still went in Grubug Cave (90 metre), Gunung Bolong Cave (125 metre), and the last was Kalisuci Cave, for this one, it wasn’t like the others. we didn’t need SRT set like before. Kalisuci Cave was a river. a flowing spring. it was nice, the water was umm, it was blue with a bit green, and soo beautiful. by the way, i would never ever did something like that without my friends, my instructor, and of course my “ehm” by saying “Masa ‘adeknya’ kadep caving takut?” 😀 thanks to them :’)

here are friends, teammate 🙂

there they are, my precious friends 🙂

left to right was:

1. Bay: well, he’s at the same age with me, from Malang. silent and umm, always mocking me by saying ‘kantung pipi’. okay, i am big (i wont say fat, i’m not that fat ;p) -__-

2. Irul: he’s from Lombok. wow, so far away from here 😀 he couldn’t handle himself seeing my expression when entering the cave huhu said i was so pale and etc ><

3. Afis: he’s at the same age with me, studying in Semarang in Medical Faculty. well, MAPADOK 😀 we’re quite often talking about disease lol

4. Nanda: he’s our leader. from Yogyakarta and good at flattery :p

5. Kicot: he’s from West Java and sooo often ‘roaming’ hahahaha because we’re talking in Javanesse and he didn’t understand a word 😀

6. Ucup: hah, there he is. from Gresik and annoying (exciting, a bit -__-) always mocking me, ‘tas pinggang’, huh? :@ and couldn’t hold himself for not scolding my cheeks. it was hurt sometimes huks. but he was the one who always be my partner for rescuing partner :’) thanks for it.

7. Wulan: well, it’s me. nothing to say about hahaha

8. Semy: aaaa you are 🙂 also from Gresik anyway. i would never showed up and might needed rescue if you weren’t there at Gunung Bolong Cave :’) thanks for your footloop and thanks for helping me went up. even in the end you left me bcs mas sipit (instructor) told you to 😐 but thanks anyway 🙂

9. Kukuh: he’s from Yogyakarta, UGM. hahaha thanks for the float 😀 made you almost drown by giving it to me :p thank God you were safe 😀

10. Diah: she’s from Yogyakarta too, UGM. thanks Mbak, for the SRT set 😀 thanks for the pics, thanks for the tea, you brought it for me when i was sick there 🙂 thanks for caring me 🙂

11. Lodeh (Madura): hmm.. i would never made it without you 🙂 thanks for always teaching me how to use, how to do, how to operate something. thanks for always taking care of me (mostly of my life), thanks for being the first person who calling my name when i was almost drown in Kalisuci :’) thanks for always be there for me. and hey, thanks for being my teacher of SIMPUL 😀

12. Centhak (Tuban): haha thanks for the webbing in Kalisuci 😀 and calm down, you get mad easily :p

13. Oplos (Jakarta): friends in sharing in same struggle with me at SRT 😀

14. Eliya: so sorry you weren’t there 😦 you were sick and had to sleep full day. anyway, she’s from Palembang. small and talkative 😀 she couldn’t speak Javanesse but once she knew it, those are bad words -_____-

there my friends, thanks to you all 🙂


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