my first experience of caving <3 — part 1

okay, pertama kali nggak pernah terpikir di otakku bakal jadi kaya gini. aku pikir caving ya sekedar caving kaya yang biasa aku lakuin buat penelitian. well, emang gua horizontal dan sederhana. nggak ribet dan nggak ekstrim. tapi yang ini…

KDKL HIKESPI 2011 (Kursus Dasar dan Kursus Lanjutan Himpunan Kegiatan Speleologi Indonesia 2011). aku dapet info ini dari mas hafiz, seniorku di BSG (Biology Student Grouppen) waktu kita lagi eksplore di Gua Gandhok, Pracimantoro, Wonogiri, Jawa Tengah. karena ada kata “kursus dasar” aku terpikir mau ikut. karna apa? karna penelitianku selama ini kepentok sama gua vertikal yang hanya bisa dimasuki pake SRT (Single Rope Technique), dan hellooo! aku, kami, nggak punya basic mapala sama sekali. how can we do that thing? okay, kuulangi, karena ada kata “kursus dasar” tadi, aku mantapkan diri ikut. dan kegiatan itu dilaksanakan di Jomblang, 23 Juli 2011. then i went there.

okay, hari pertama di Jomblang, everything looked pretty normal. kami perkenalan, nama, asal, dan organisasi. and heey! they are all MAPALA, gosh i thought i was lost by showing up there 😐 it said we would had the basic first, but they, the participants were all expert -___- hmm, first obstacle. felt left behind. but it was okay, i still could handle it. anyway, the participants were from all around the country. that made me happy 😀

well, materi pertama adalaaaah SRT. i heard it once, but because it has nothing to do with my activity i just forget it. and there, at Jomblang, we (me and SRT) introduced ourselves .___. participants, all about 70 people were divided into 5 groups. and lucky me, i was in the group 1 (I’ll tell you later on why i said i was lucky :p).

materi pertama dimulai dengan pengenalan alat. okay, sit harness, ascender, descender, croll, oval MR, delta MR, jammer, and soooooo much on. oh come on, i didn’t have any stupid idea of what kind of things they were. even the shape, i didn’t understand at all. so, i just kept silent and watching them, my friends talking and talking, a lot. guess what, maybe i looked stupid there -___- then, class was over and we’re going to practice. oh Goood, help me, i didn’t even know how to use that stuff. i even saw them for the very first time. but, i made it anyway. i was wearing it though by my friends’ help :p

it was taken when i could make my movement freely, up down up down 😀

took a quiet long time to make me understood how to operate those things, and hey, when i understood it everything just went simpler 🙂 after finished SRT’s practice the plan for the next day waaaas… jengjengjeeeeeng caving! at Jomblang, ou maaann, it’s 70 metres deepth ><

well, the day had come. i had to face it whatever it takes, right? then, i got my self ready with all stuff on my body, just like the pic above 😀 i went to the entrance of the Jomblang Cave. it looked so scary. how can i give my self to jump down in a hole like thaaaaat? :(( okay, it was not jump down, we’re using the rope. but still, how can you give your life on a rope, a rope! and this is my problem, i still couldn’t believe in tools. it’s very important hey, i just realized when i got my self into Gunung Bolong Cave, 125 metre in deepth. when we trust the tools, it seems like the tools also take care of us :’) anyway, i made it somehow, i was hung and went down on a rope, 60 metre in deepth then i got there. the rope was sooo heavy to pull it up. and i was dragged on a branch of tree -____- come on, i was scared and dragged on a tree? i tried my best to release my self while i was trying also my best to kill the fear huhu really pressured 😥 i was attacked by tremor when i got down there, and i couldn’t stop my self for not trembling. it was so scary..

after my instructor, mas jarwo, calmed me down, i went inside, into the cave. subhanallaah, it was just sooo awesome :’) well, i had really bad time when trying to get down, but this, the cave, really really beautiful 🙂 and i didn’t have any regret for coming in somehow :’)


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